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Pricing & Services

Can I be supplied by Electra Energy?
See “Where we service”, we supply from just north of Tokomaru and Foxton, to just south of Paekakariki
What pricing plans are available?
An indication of our prices can be found on our pricing plans page at
Is there a better price for me?
We would need to discuss this with you in more detail. Please call us on 0800 968 736
Can I change my pricing plan?
Please call us on 0800 968 736 and we can discuss your options. Some pricing plan changes also require a meter change or wiring changes, which may incur costs
What is the difference between Low User and a Standard Pricing Plan?
The Low User price plan is available for your main home only (this excludes holiday homes and/or business premises). You are eligible for Low User pricing if you use less than 8,000 kWh per year. It has a lower fixed daily charge than our other price plans and a higher per kWh rate per unit.

A Standard User plan has a higher fixed daily rate but the per unit kWh charge is lower, so is more suitable for higher users of electricity (over 8000 kWh/annum)

If I move house or business premises can I stay on the same pricing plan?
Your pricing plan is dependent on the meter set up at your property. If you move to a new property within the Electra region with the same meter set up, then we can transfer your plan with you. If the meter set up is different, a new plan may be needed, or a meter change which may incur some costs.
What do I need to do if I am moving house and want to stay with Electra Energy?
We would be delighted to continue supplying you if you are remaining within the Electra region. We will need you to contact us for a final reading at the property you are leaving, and to provide us with the details of the new property where you need supply. We can then take care of the rest for you as we know moving is a really busy time.
Do you charge any other fees?
Click on the link to our service fees page which details our standard fees and advises when other charges may apply


How can I pay my bill?

You can pay a number of ways:
  • Direct Debit, call us and we can set this up over the phone
  • Direct Credit / Internet Banking / Automatic Payment
    • you can set this up through your bank, you will be able to see Electra Energy as a payee as you set this up. You can pay the full amount on or before the due date, or make fixed payments to suit your needs
  • At your local BNZ branch
    • please take your customer number with you when making payments
  • Cheque
    • Please post all cheques to Pulse Energy, PO Box 10044, Auckland 1446
  • SmoothPay
    • SmoothPay spreads your electricity payments evenly throughout the year, so you pay the same amount for your power bill each month.
    • How it works
      • We will calculate your electricity costs over a year, and divide this into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments – you can choose the frequency that is best for your home. You will still receive a bill each month (electronic or in the mail), so you can keep track of your energy usage and payments. On the agreed payment day, we will deduct the payment amount from your bank account by direct debit. We will review your account 3 months after you have been set up on Smooth Pay to check your regular payments are in line with the amount of energy you are using. If your payments need to be adjusted, we will give you at least 10 days’ notice before a new payment amount is deducted from your bank account. We will then review your account periodically to ensure you are paying the correct amount for your home based on your usage.
    • Setting up your SmoothPay
Please note that we do not accept Kiwibank cheques
Where can I find information about my bill?
For some simple tips see our guide on how to read your bill. You can view your bill online by logging into your account
Why is my bill higher than normal?
The most common reasons for changes in your bills are:
  1. Your current or previous bill was based on an estimated reading
  2. You have a portion of your previous bill still outstanding
  3. You have recently purchased new appliances
  4. There has been a change in seasons
  5. You have had more people at your house than normal
For some of our energy saving tips click here. Further advice on energy saving can be found on


How often will my meter be read?
We aim to read your meter at least once every two months, so in between bills will be based on an estimate. If our meter reader can’t get on to your property to read the meter for any reason, such as locked gates or guard dogs, the number of actual reads will be reduced. Please call us on 0800 978 736 to arrange an access solution for our meter readers.
How can I read my meter?
There are different kinds of meters. For details on how to read each type of meter click here


How do I arrange a new connection, (for example you are building a new house)??
Call us on 0800 968 736 to discuss or click here to download a new connection form
How do I arrange a temporary disconnection for safety?
You may want to have the power to your property disconnected temporarily for your safety when undertaking maintenance on your property (for example when painting or water blasting near an external cable). To arrange a temporary disconnection contact your local network Electra on 0800 567 876

Planned Outages

Your local network Electra will advise you of any planned outages for maintenance within a minimum of 72 hours before they take place. If you have received a planned outage notification and have any queries please contact Electra on 0800 567 876.


Who do I contact if I think there is a fault in the supply of electricity?
To report a fault/power outage call your local network Electra on 0800 567 876

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