Your Meter

Non Smart Meters

Please make sure we have access to your meter so we can read it to make sure your bill is up to date and accurate. If we are unable to gain access to your meter, we will leave a card in your mailbox to advise you of this. You can either email us with your meter read (within 48 hours) at or call us on 0800 968 736.

Smart Meters

Smart meters rely on good network coverage. If the meter signal is unavailable or weak, we may not be able to get a remote reading. If this happens, we may need to send you an estimated bill or visit to read your meter. If your main switch is turned off, we won't receive any data for that period. If you do receive an estimated bill, any discrepancy between last actual read and your next actual read would be balanced out.

Need to provide a key?

If we need a key to gain access to your property you can contact us and we will arrange a secure key pack to be sent out to you. Call us on 0800 968 736 or email

How to read your meter

To help you read your meter, we have provided an explanation of the three most common meter types– Digital, Dial and Electronic. If you are having difficulty reading your meter, please contact us.

To read a digital meter, you read the meter numbers from left to right (the last number is irrelevant which is usually red).
When reading a dial meter (read left to right), always note down the number that the dial or arrow has just passed, even if the number is not the closest number to the dial. This meter is reading 25236.
Electronic meters display the reading for you and you read it left to right.


  • Our meter readers are well trained and professional.
  • Any meter reader who visits your home will have a card identifying them as a representative of Wells Metering Services – a company responsible for reading the majority of meters across New Zealand.
  • Once we receive your key, it will be stored in a safe facility and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • If we were unable to gain access for any reason, our meter reader will leave a card in your mailbox. You can contact us within 48 hours and provide us with your meter reading.